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What is Group Insurance?

A group insurance policy is purchased by an employer (or employee organization) and is offered to eligible participants, and/or eligible dependents of participants. With group insurance, the risk is spread over the company — the number of participants covered.

Benefits packages offer value to your employees and help you boost productivity and retention in a cost-effective manner. There are many advantages to offering employee benefits as part of your compensation package.


Let's Develop a Benefits Package!

Group Health

Health insurance can be a dynamic asset for your company because it attracts talented employees and encourages them to seek timely medical attention, thus minimizing the costs associated with absenteeism and major medical claims.

Group Dental

Dental plans are a common addition to employer benefit packages. Dental insurance encourages dental hygiene and maintenance, which often prevents more severe health problems from occurring.

Group Life

Group life insurance is coverage that employers offer to employees only. Coverage may be employer or employee paid. Often, employers offer a specified benefit that is cost free for employees, then offer the option for employees to purchase additional coverage.

Group Disability

This insurance provides income protection to employees who are unable to work due to injury or illness occurring outside of the work environment. These plans can be either short-term or long-term and can be funded by either the employer or employee.

Group Voluntary

Voluntary benefits add additional value to your core compensation and benefits package. When an employee is offered these benefits they are able to pick and choose which they would like to participate in. These benefits can be insurance based or non-insurance based.

Group Employer Assisted Benefits

This category incorporates a variety of additional benefits including Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, Cafeteria Plans, Compliance documents, and more.

Getting a Quote

When requesting a group insurance quote, be aware that the specific rating criteria used in calculating your rates has changed significantly. The factors an insurance company uses in their rate calculations can have a significant impact on premiums. This could affect new group premiums or premiums on the group’s next renewal. We make this process simple by providing a customized template for you to submit your employee census. Once you send us your census, we can provide you with a proposal that fits your company’s needs.

Factors That Could Affect Your Quote

Employee Age

Dependent Ages

Employee and Dependent Tobacco Use

Geographic Location

Plan Benefit Design

Time with the Insurance Company

Employer’s Contributing Costs

Number of Employees Enrolled

Wellness Program Participation

Implementing your Benefit Package

Once we have obtained rates we will work with you to determine what plans will work best for your business. Our team will walk you through the entire process from building your package to enrollment. We offer employee meetings at your place of business or we can take care of everything electronically – whatever works best for you.


If you are interested in looking at coverage for your business, please complete the group request form and we will be in contact!

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