Step 1: How BIA Helps

As an independent health insurance broker we are licensed by the state of Oregon to represent and work for our clients in the purchase and service of their insurance products. Unlike a captive insurance agent who represents that insurance company alone, we as a broker are independent of a specific insurance company. We work throughout the State of Oregon By using an insurance broker you pay the same price for your insurance as you would if you went directly through the health insurance company.

You will get information on many companies in one place with no bias to sell one over another. You will also receive personal customer service with any issues you may have. We hope you will take some time to look through the individual and family health insurance information we have provided for you.

Step 2: What are Medicare Plans?

As the transition onto Medicare brings many different changes we have put together information to help you make a more informed decision. Please review the information within our site or the external links. We would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to discuss the information further or just give us a call if you have a question. Below is a list of different plan options and links to descriptions of each.

Types Of Medicare Plans:

Types of Medicare Advantage Plans