Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an answer to common questions about insurance. Click on the question to reveal the full answer.

Answer: Yes until 1-1-2014 unless you are under age 18. As of 1-1-2014 no insurance carrier will be able to deny health insurance coverage to applicants. There will also be potential subsidies to help pay for coverage for applicants.

Answer: No, the cost is the same regardless if you use an insurance broker or go direct to the insurance company.

Answer: There are many changes occurring over the next few years in regards to health reform, the impacts to you depend on many factors. Some of these factors are how age, income, physical location, if you are currently insured and what type of plan you have. Give us a call or email and we can help answer how it affects your situation.

Answer: No, The process will depend on what type on insurance you are looking for, we at BIA have trained team members who work with you from the start to find out exactly what you want for coverage. They then find the best way to get you information and enrolled on a plan that fits your needs quickly.